Meeting of electromobility users in Olomouc 15.10.2016

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13 October 2016

Meeting of electromobility users in Olomouc 15.10.2016

From 10:00 to 14:00 will officially take place The meetinf of elecrtomobility users at the main square by the Caesar's fountain in the north Moravian metropole.

electric Trabant   electric car Tesla    electric car Tesla

We are pleased, that we can share such amazing event.

The entrance to the square is allowed for 50 electric vehicles, the rest of the cars can park for free during weekends around the centre. There will be beside of the others, also DC charger with connector Chademo. At the same time there will proceed a farmer's market, so guests can take home as well any trophy.

 4 wheel Velor-x-trike   DC charger in Olomouc   hybrid Fiskar Kama

We wish to organizer Lubomir Kastovsky, who took care of the whole event, good luck and pleasant time for all electro-activist!





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