Partnership with Doveztodál

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11 August 2020

For a long time we have cooperated with the family company Doveztodál, which imports used cars (and mainly electric cars) from abroad. And now we bring you an article about them, where you will find out who they are, what they do and how they work. So if you don't have your electric car yet, read on and, who knows, maybe the time to fulfill your dream has just come.

Partnership with Doveztodál

The Czech Republic traditionally occupies last positions in the share of electric cars in the motor fleet. The cause can be found in various places. One is a lack of information and the other a lack of supply. Both are only temporary, but they need to be boldly confronted. The company Dovez to dál has decided to fight the problem of insufficient supply.

Their services

Doveztodál specializes in the import of used cars from abroad upon request. The customer can either specify the make and model and leave the rest to Doveztodál or can directly send the selected advertisement to be inspected by Doveztodál. The used car market can be treacherous even for knowledgeable drivers. It is important to know what details to notice in order to guarantee the quality of the selected electric car. In addition, it is often the language barrier that needs to be overcome too.


Equally important, Doveztodál can also advise on choosing the right car, so there is no need to spend hours comparing. Just tell them that you are looking for a car for a family of four, up to 20,000 kilometers, a range of at least 350 kilometers per charge and a price of up to 800,000 CZK. On the basis of the offer, Doveztál will then present you with cars that meet your requirements and expectations.

Then they will drive abroad to verify the actual condition of the car, and they will do a test drive, paint measurement, technical inspection, state of battery and verification of its past. If you are then interested, they will also help you register the car in the Czech Republic.


In addition, on their blog, they state how the car is chosen and what you need to be careful about. It is not a company that hides its knowledge, but shares it publicly with others who may decide to try their own luck, because there are plenty of opportunities for everyone in the world and knowledge should be shared, not hidden.

Why an imported car

Used cars have many advantages. Of course, the first is their lower price. The second is ecological behavior. Not everyone needs a new car, it is often a great option, which also ensures full use of the useful life of the car. For many customers, choosing a used car is a matter of deep conviction and expression of their values.

Unfortunately, there is not enough choice in the Czech Republic at the moment and the cars are often more expensive than abroad. When choosing an electric car from Germany, you can not only choose from a much wider range and better equipment, but ultimately pay a lower price. And thanks to Doveztodál, you will also be sure that the car will be in perfect order.

Why work with Doveztodál?

Why do we work with them? Because we share the same values ​​and belief that everyone should have the same access to all information and products under the same conditions. We strongly believe that it is not only possible to talk about the same rights, but you also have to act to ensure that it is so. Thanks to Doveztodál, people have access to the same cars as Germans, Italians or Bulgarians, they have cars of the same quality and the same prices. In addition, we believe that electromobility is the key to a cleaner planet and to a more responsible life and driving. From now on, this possibility is closer for you too.

Why can we recommend cooperation to you? Because they are serious entrepreneurs, for whom their convictions and honest work are paramount and who believe in the power of the name. We know the whole team personally and Patrik is one of our long-term reliable partners. If you entrust the search for your future electric car to Doveztodál, you can be sure that you will have your car at home soon and that thousands of trouble-free kilometers await you with it.

More about Doveztodál

It is a family business, where two generations are dealing with the topic of used cars and their import to the Czech Republic. They have already brought more than 2,000 cars and they have the same number of satisfied customers. Thanks to their long presence in the market, they have already built a wide network of suppliers and are thus able to bring used cars from proven dealers. And finally, it is the network of acquaintances that makes it possible to really guarantee quality.


And finally, perhaps most importantly, for Patrik and his team, Doveztodál is a hobby that has proven that it can help many people and save worries, and thus become their livelihood. Finding the right car is a joy for them and they search tirelessly for the right car until they find it. And so far they have always found it.

If you want to check their website and get the information first hand, here is the link





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