Yazaki has developed a new device to suppress electric arcs

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06 August 2020

Yazaki is a famous name in the world of electric cars. It was the Japanese family company Yazaki that developed the second generation of Type 1 connectors, called J1772 or J-plug that are now the common standard in the US. And now it's coming to the market with a device that should prevent electric arcs in EVs.

Yazaki has developed a new device to suppress electric arcs

Electric Arc

An electric arc is an electric current in a gas that is created due to a high temperature and a strong electric field. Electric arcs reach temperatures of thousands of degrees Celsius. In the wild, they are known as lightnings or as arcs in high-voltage power lines. And as the current and voltage in the power units of electric cars increase, this danger is higher and higher, as is the damage that this electric arc can cause.

electric arc

Electric arc. Author: Jeff Kubina. (Licence: CC BY-SA 2.0)

Yazaki arc suppression device

Electric cars are moving in the direction of increasing voltage and decreasing number and length of cables, in order to achieve a lower price and sufficient driving characteristics. An arc suppression device is a fixed circuit that is able to absorb the energy released by the electric arc, thus preventing cables and other components from being damaged or ignited by a flame.


An employee shows in the laboratory the difference between a suppressed and an unsuppressed electric arc. Source: https://www.danielleszatkowski.com/bolt-of-an-idea-yazaki-arc-suppression

The device is built into the electrical circuits of an electric car and it uses only the energy of the detected electric arc, which means that it does not consume any energy during normal operation. It is then able to react in the order of 100 microseconds to prevent the arc.

yazaki's device

Yazaki's device. Source: https://www.danielleszatkowski.com/bolt-of-an-idea-yazaki-arc-suppression

Yazaki said that it is actually a kind of insurance, where the client pays a small amount to protect himself from a major damage. There are already devices that try to solve the problem with digital signaling, but they are more expensive, less efficient and their response is slower.

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