Smart portable charger TYPE 2 - SCHUKO | 16A | 1phase | 3,7kW | 5 - 8m

Smart portable charger TYPE 2 - SCHUKO | 16A | 1phase | 3,7kW | 5 - 8m

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EVE LINE II - Clever waterproof portable AC charger for electric vehicles at one end with a connector Type 2 (IEC 62196-2) and the second with the European plug called. Schuko. Charger excels by practical display informing the user about the temperature, voltage and the current in the network, adjustable 6A / 8A / 10A / 13A / 16A charging power, charging and overall length charged kWh.

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Producer: EV Expert

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Charging 3 times faster than the older version level 1, so it saves you time!
Adjustable power 6A / 8A / 10A / 13A / 16A (max. 3.7 kW) by placing the enclosed RFID Key at the designated spot or shaking EVSE box 3 times or more left and right.
Applicable for voltages up to 250V (phase 1)
Availability is up to 5 m

Superior protection with built-in current protector!

Complete Link: IP44
Plug in a disconnected state: IP54
The connector in a disconnected state: IP67

100% waterproof!

Weathering resistance
The product can be used even in harsh working environments.
Operating temperature range: -40 ° C to 75 ° C.


Size of the EVSE box: 240x90x60mm

Suitable for those electrovehicles

Audi A3 & Q7 e-tron, BMW 225e & 328e & 330e & 530e, BMW i3 & i8, BMW X5 40e, BYD e6, Hyundai Ioniq & Kona Electric & PHEV, Jaguar I-Pace, Kia Niro EV, Mercedes B Class Electric & C350e PHEV & GLE 500e & S500 & S550 PHEV & SLS EV & Vito E-Cell, New Nissan Leaf 2018, Porsche Cayenne S E-HYBRID & Panamera S PHEV, Renault Zoe, Smart Electric Drive, Tesla Model S & X & 3, Toyota Prius Plug-in, Volvo S90 T8 & V60 & XC90 PHEV, Volkswagen e-Golf & Golf GTE & e-up

Overheat protection

Tim, 8. 2. 2019 15:32:24

Does the shuko plug have overheat detection and protection, in case the outlet gets too hot? Most of the outlets in europe are only suited for 10amps continuous load...

Re: Overheat protection

Antonín Lukáš, 11. 2. 2019 14:16:21

Dear customer, thank you for your interest. At the moment we haven't in our product portfolio schuko plug with overheat detection and protection, because there was no big interest from about this feature. Anyway we are able to again list 16A portable chargers with this overheat protection feature. There will be a bit higher price. If you will be interest about it, please let us know on our eshop email. Thank you. Have a nice day.

Really good product. Kind employee help ...

Patrick , 7. 11. 2017 09:30:41

Really good product. Kind employee help you find the right products. I recommande this website.


Urban Norgren, 9. 8. 2018 10:43:50

Is this charging cable compatible with Nissan Leaf 2018? EVE LINE II - Smart waterproof portable AC Charger TYPE 2 - SCHUKO | 16A | 1phase | 3,7kW | 5m

Re: X

Antonín Lukáš, 9. 8. 2018 11:27:40

Dear Mr. Norgren, thank you for your interest. Yes, this EVE LINE II T2 - 16A schuko is fully compatible for charging new Nissan Leaf 2018, but if you have stronger onboard charger 6,6kW, we rather recommend 32A version which is also on stock, link at product below With this 32A version you can use also our usefull adapter in case of charging from normal home 16A schuko plug, link at product below Thank you for understanding. Best regards,

Re: Really good product. Kind employee help ...

Antonin Lukas, 7. 11. 2017 09:38:36

Thank you very much Patrick, our most distant customer from Tahiti

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