RISER PCI-E 1x / 16x Extender v006

RISER PCI-E 1x / 16x Extender v006

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Riser extender version 006 with 2 types of power connector, voltage stabilization and 60 cm USB interconnection cable.

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Product question

Voltage stabilization circuit with quality components helps to keep your GPU and Computer running stable for long time mining operations.

Possible power connectors:

  • MOLEX 4 pin
  • SATA

Riser enables you to place the GPU outside the Mother Board. Also contains holes for screws and insulation at the bottom of the circuit board. Could installed directly on the surface (wood, metal, alumininium) or can stay in the air, attached to the GPU, if you have different system of attachment.

Package contains:

  • Connector PCIe x1 (plugs into motherboard)
  • USB 60cm interconnection cable
  • Riser board with PCIe x16 socket and voltage stabilization (GPU sits into this board)


Graphics cards must always be attached to the construction, they can not be held by the Riser connector!)

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