EVEMOVE 24 - DC Wallbox EVG3 - 24kW

EVEMOVE 24 - DC Wallbox EVG3 - 24kW

An unrivaled product that quickly speeds up the charging of conventional electric cars with average sized batteries. With its very compact design, Wallbox EVEMOVE can be mounted on a wall or a stand in just two hours. Compared to competing products, the station has a real 24kW, which charges most common electric cars in less than an hour without needing nearly as much power input or demanding construction modifications as other large DC charging stations.

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This charging station is equipped with an NFC card reader (ISO 15693, ISO 14443) and allows data connection via 3G GSM, 3G CDMA or ETHERNET. The RFID interface allows access and payment, making the station suitable for commercial purposes. The display is a touch screen with a size of 800x480 pixels and it is possible to place the customer's logo on it.

The EVEMOVE charging station is compatible with all vehicles in European operation, it is possible to order a cable with a CCS2 or CHAdeMO connector, thanks to which all common electric cars can be recharged in less than an hour. The station can be connected to most of the world's electricity distribution networks. Air cooling ensures that only minimal maintenance is required. Robust yet light and compact design is suitable for outdoor use.

The charging station is equipped with safety features that ensure the complete safety of the electric car, crew and the charger. The charging station includes a primary circuit breaker: 3x40A RCD-A. The output is protected by overvoltage protection and insulation (IEC60664-1). The station continuously measures the insulation conditions and opens the OV III + Class 1 sockets when the output voltage is interrupted. In case of any problems, the station is equipped with an emergency STOP button.

Technical Specifications

  • Charging cable: 4m straight cable CCS2, CHAdeMO, or both
  • Output voltage range: 150 - 530 VDC
  • Current range: 1.5 - 65 A
  • Maximum output power: 24 KW
  • Insulation Earthing system: Insulation of a high-frequency source
  • Separation system: DC separated
  • Maximum input current: 3x45 A, 3x32A at power up to 22kW
  • Efficiency:> 95%
  • Ambient operating temperature: -20 ° C to 40 ° C
  • Dimensions HxDxD: 860 x 507 x 250 mm
  • Weight: 66 KG

Security and certificates

All charging stations are tested to ensure their safety. The EVEMOVE charging station protection is IP54, making it suitable for outdoor operation. Surge protection + insulation protection complies with the European standard IEC60664-1.

The charging station has a standard 24 month warranty.

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