HOME charging kit with charging AC power cable Type 2 | 16A | 1phase | 3,7 kW | 5m

HOME charging kit with charging AC power cable Type 2 | 16A | 1phase | 3,7 kW | 5m

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HOME charging kit with AC charging cable with model EVSE charging installation and installation guide, including recommendations for other required components (charging contactor, safety devices), charging AC (electric) electric cars (AC) with charging sockets electric car type 2.

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Producer: Phoenix Contact

Set - EV-SET-T2AC-BAS-RCM1-20AC5MES - 1628077

Product definition

  • Product type: Start charging kit HOME for easy charging station setup
  • Performing: HOME
  • Standards / Regulations: IEC 62196-2, IEC61851-1
  • Charging standard: Type 2 
  • Charging mode: Mode 3, Case B
  • Note: The assembly of all Phoenix Contact charging products and the terminal with recommendations for             other necessary components (charging contactor, safety devices)

                   Installation and commissioning may only be carried out by electricians. Observe the applicable                           national regulations.

                   When legally required, the components have CE markings.

  • Number of supported charging points: 1
  • Enable blocking when a network failure: Integrated blocker actuator release function to disconnect the infrastructure charging connector and infrastructure charging socket


  • Line length: 5 m

Electrical properties

  • Type of charging current: AC 1-phase
  • Rechargeable power: 3,7 kW
  • Charging current: 16 A
  • Charging voltage: 230 V AC

Set of charging equipment

  • Charging point type AC: AC charging cable with car charger connector, open end of conductor, protective cover, mounting (parking position)
  • Charge control unit: Charge control unit AC, Basic, preconfigured
  • Differential Leakage: Module 1-Channel RCM
  • Link Plan: Including the download option for an example of an E-plan
  • The assembly consists of :  AC Charging Cable EV-T2G3C-1AC20A-5,0M2,5ESBK01 1627354

                                                 Parking position EV-T2AC-PARK 1624148

                                                 Charge Controller AC EV-CC-AC1-M3-CC-SER-HS 1622459

                                                 Surveillance of differential current EV-RCM-C1-AC30-DC6 1622450

                                                 Passive terminal PT 6-TWIN 3211929

                                                 Passive Terminal PT 6-TWIN BU 3211485

                                                 Terminal block for protective conductor PT 6-TWIN-PE 3211498

                                                 Passing Terminal PT 2,5 3209510

                                                 Terminal block PT 2,5 BU 3209523

                                                 Terminal block for protective conductor PT 2,5-PE 3209536

                                                 Fuse Terminal PT 4-HESI (5X20) 3211861

                                                 Bridge plug FBS 2-8 3030284

                                                 Bridge plug FBS 3-8 BU 3032570

                                                 Termination cover D-ST 4 3030420

                                                 Terminal cover D-PT 6-TWIN 3211508

                                                 CLIPFIX 35-5 3022276 End Holder


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