EVEMOVE DC rapid charger 30kW

EVEMOVE DC rapid charger 30kW

Premium DC charging station is designed for easy installation on a wall or on a stand. EVEMOVE is equipped with cables with CCS or CHAdeMO connectors (or a combination thereof) for fast DC charging and at the same time an AC 32A charging cable or socket. It is possible to charge with 15 or 30kW and voltages from 500V to 750V. Setup is simple and intuitive, the interface is user friendly.

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The EVEMOVE charging station is made of quality materials, is durable and, thanks to protection at the IP 54 level, is suitable for outdoor use, even in adverse conditions. The station can be installed on a wall, on a stand or it is possible to order portable accessories.

The main emphasis is on the safety of the electric car, its crew and the charging station itself, so it is equipped with protection of the main input protection RCD-A, optionally RCD-B when configuring AC charging. The station is equipped with DC charging cables CHAdeMO or CCS (or a combination thereof) and can also be equipped with an AC charging cable or socket.

For easy and intuitive operation, the station has an LCD touch screen with a user-friendly interface. The charger offers multiple charging modes that can be selected based on the total time, amount, power or battery charge status.

Technical Specifications

  • Charging cable: CCS type 1 or 2, CHAdeMO
  • Optional AC charging cable or outlet
  • support OCPP 1.6 J
  • CE EMC class A
  • 15 kW / 30 kW, 500V / 750 V
  • Working temperature: -20 ° C to + 55 ° C
  • 7 "TFT LCD touch screen

Security and certificates

All charging stations are tested to ensure their safety. The EVEMOVE charging station is certified to IP54, making it suitable for outdoor operation.

Safety is ensured thanks to the output contactor, fuses, EPO, SPD, MCB, leakage switch and insulation detector protection.

The charging station has a standard 24 month warranty.

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