EV Reel for charging cables

EV Reel for charging cables


Practical reel for your charging cable. This winch will help you to handle the cable while charging. This will avoid problems such as dirt on your hands or clothes. Using the winch also prevents the cable from twisting and tangling, and the docking station allows the cable to be stored comfortably, preventing it from slipping in the trunk and leaving dirt. The EV winch is designed so that only the connectors are handled during the process of connecting and disconnecting the vehicle. Holds cable up to 8 meters.

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Most electric car drivers often recharge their vehicle, not only at home but also at public charging stations. Here they need a portable charging cable that comes with the car. Charging often takes place outdoors or in a parking space where the cord may lie on dirty or wet ground. As a result, your hands and clothes will get dirty when you handle the cable. Once charging is complete, the cable should be stored in a suitcase where it takes up unnecessary space and slides while driving. As a result of such manipulation, the cable often twists, tangles or contaminates the trunk space.

Advantages of the winch

  • you avoid getting your hands, clothes or suitcase dirty
  • better cable handling without unnecessary tangling
  • prevent breakage and wear of the charging cable
  • saving space in the trunk

The winch is provided with a standard 24-month warranty.


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