7 reasons to buy an electric car

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24 June 2022

Electric cars are starting to appear around us more and more often. When compared to cars in the same category, their purchase price is not so much higher anymore. So for many people it’s starting to make sense to buy an electric car. So what are their main benefits and why should you definitely consider buying one of them?

7 reasons to buy an electric car

1. Half fuel costs 

Fuel savings range between 50% and 60%. Rising fuel prices and developments in the field of renewable electricity sources clearly show that electricity prices will become increasingly more advantageous than petrol and diesel prices. The difference is even more striking if you use the car mainly to drive around the city.


2. You can charge at home 

The main advantage of an electric car is that you can recharge your car at home overnight. You can use not only your own electricity for charging, but also a discounted tariff (so-called night electricity). Unlike internal combustion cars, you will charge "outside" only if you go on a longer journey.

And although charging while travelling may seem like a disadvantage at first, you'll soon appreciate the opportunity to relax and stretch your legs for some time. When travelling, you have to plan ahead a little more than with an internal combustion car, but in today's state of charging infrastructure, it is not as restrictive as it might seem at first glance.

Tip: EVECUBE is a great choice for smart charging at home, which will allow you to respect the normal running of the household. For trips around Europe, here you will find the most popular maps of charging stations.

charging station evecube

3. Requires less maintenance

Because there are fewer moving parts in an electric car than in a car with an internal combustion engine, electric cars have significantly lower maintenance costs. In fact, most electric car drivers say windshield wipers and tires are the only parts that need to be replaced. Even the brakes of an electric car wear less than the brakes of a standard car, because the engine does a lot of deceleration work through regenerative braking.


4. Better driving experience

Electric cars have more sensitive acceleration and regenerative braking. They tend to have a lower centre of gravity, which improves handling, comfort and safety. In addition, electric cars are much quieter. Electric motors respond faster than internal combustion engines and are more energy efficient. All this contributes to better performance and a much better driving experience for both driver and front passenger.

Thanks to the applications that many electric cars have, you have the opportunity to warm up or cool down the cabin before you set off, which is a small but very pleasant advantage. You can also turn on the heating or air conditioning in your garage without having to worry about any exhaust gases in it. Your car will have exactly the temperature you want before driving.


5. Discounts and benefits

Another great advantage of owning an electric car are various discounts and benefits. In the Czech Republic, electric cars can currently drive on motorways free of charge. In large cities, they can park for free in reserved parking zones (for example, in Prague in the blue zone). In addition, the electric car allows entry into cities that otherwise prohibit cars entering into the city centre (liek Rotterdam, London, Oslo and others).


6. Electricity is renewable

Fossil fuels present two major problems. Their stocks are finite and unevenly distributed. Their price is thus subject not only to the state of stocks but also to the political situation. In addition, their combustion damages the environment. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, since 2019, transport accounts for 29% of greenhouse gas emissions.

Electricity, on the other hand, is renewable and you can also produce it at home. In addition, the production of electricity from renewable energy sources is a very dynamic sector with strong political support. In the future, we can expect a significant shift towards a cleaner and more self-sufficient energy mix.


7. Improving the situation in cities

Electric cars are an attractive alternative for everyone who cares about the state of the climate and the environment. In addition to greenhouse gas emissions, cars are also a major air pollutant in cities. Electric cars do not produce any emissions and thus do not have an impact on the environment in the cities where they are operated*.

In a traffic jam, an electric car consumes significantly less power than cars with internal combustion engines - no more than to keep the car and infotainment systems running while it waits for you to move on. If you live in a place where you find yourself in a traffic jam with a certain regularity, this is an advantage that you will definitely appreciate.

* Even if we take into account the pollution caused by the production of electricity in a combustion power plant, electric cars are still a much cleaner alternative. The resulting emissions are not only lower overall, but are also more efficiently captured and processed directly at the power plant.



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