Payment options of EV Expert

1. ON-LINE payment card

We will receive payment by card almost immediately and therefore we can ship the order immediately. Payment is processed 24/7 and is completely free.

when accepting payment cards, we use 3D-Secure solution - the most modern application of the MasterCard and Visa card associations enabling secure card payments on the Internet

  • You enter the data from your payment card directly to the bank
  • none of our employees has access to your credit card details
  • the data transfer takes place via the secure HTTPS protocol, which encrypts this information

If you decide to use your payment card for payment for selected products, you will be automatically redirected to the GP WebPay environment after confirming the order, which will prompt you to enter your card details:

  • credit card number
  • card expiration date
  • CVV2 / CVC2 - the last three digits pre-printed on the signature strip of your card.

You enter this information directly into the payment page of the processing bank, which ensures the indecipherable encrypted data transmission and only informs us of the result of the authorization and thus gives an instruction to process the order. This eliminates the possibility of misuse of your payment card by the entity from which you purchase the goods and free transfer of unprotected data on the public computer network.
You are informed about the result of the transaction by e-mail.

If the bank does not confirm the payment with your card, it may be for the following reasons:

  • credit card information was not entered correctly
  • You do not have sufficient funds in your account or you have already reached the limit for internet transactions
  • Your card is not authorized for online transactions. In this case, it is necessary to contact your bank.

2. Bank transfer

EV Expert s.r.o. has an account with FIO banka, if the payments for your order are made by the same bank, we will normally receive a confirmation of the payment within one hour and then we will process and ship the order. In the case of payment from another bank, payment for the order is usually accepted within 1-2 business days and then processed.

Payment can be sent at any time, but it is processed during office hours MON - PA 9:00 - 18:00, which may delay sending the order. Payment is free.

3. Paypal

There are no fees for a PayPal account or payments. Fees are paid only by the recipients of payments.

4. Payment by Bitcoin

We also accept payments by Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin-cash (BCH) using the largest payment gateway Bitpay. We do not charge any fees for receiving payments. We will normally receive a confirmation of payment within one hour, after which we will process and ship the order.

GP WebPayPayment method bitpay - bitcoin payment      

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