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The range of products in our offer is temporarily reduced.. please excuse..

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ECO CUBE - Announcement of our new premium AC Charger 22kW for EV

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We would like to present you our new upcoming unique product. We're already at finishing point to offer this product to you, our new premium AC Charger 22kW for very competitive price while maintaining top performance in a durable stainless steel box with an optional design and forehead.

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Launch of our webportal EV Expert!

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We are happy to announce the beginning of business web EV Expert!


Electromobility & EV Basics

  • AC / DC charging

    What is alternating and what is direct current. What is difference between AC charging station and DC charging station. How fast could EV car be charged and what in fact we need to charge our car? What are the key parameters when choosing an EV?

  • Cost of operating and maintaining EV

    What are the real costs to operate an EV? How much you can save when you buy an EV? Discover more..

  • How to choose Charging station

    What are the key parameters you should take care about, when you want to buy Charging station for electro cars?

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