Cost of operating and maintaining EV

What are the real costs to operate an EV? How much you can save when you buy an EV?

EV, Electric Vehicles, namely cars, are growing more and more popular and there is already milions of them in the world. It is most propable, that one day, they completely overthrow the combustion engine cars, mainly because it is not sustainable to burn oil in such scale as we do today. But hey, electric car makes sense already today.



The consumables like sparks, all kinds of filters, oil, ... typical for combustion engine, which need to be periodically checked and replaced. These you can completely avoid with electric car, because, it simply does not contain such parts.

Electro motor is overally more efficient then combustion engine and tends less to malfunctions plus they have longer durability, because they are not dealing with such pressures, friction and temperatures.

Next component, which will not bother you anymore is the exhaust system, fumes, so no more emission tests either. Break pads and fluid have significantly higher lifetime then a combustion car, because, most of the breaking power is transfered as energy back to battery, thereby increasing efectivity and range of electro car.



Electric car you could "refuel" at home, with electric current according to your price plan. If you can utilize cheap night energy, you can get to incredibly low cost per km. In some countries it could even less than 1,5-2 EUR / 100km.

With a standard rates it could be somewhere around 3 EUR / 100 km and compared to combustion car which stands usually somewhere around 8-9 EUR / 100 km.

But there is another option to drive completely free of charge, if you own solar panels and especially with high capacity energy accumulation system, it makes a perfect pair with EV.



The most expensive and most important part of electro car. The good news is, that the last decade has proven, that there is no need to worry, that the battery will not last long and that it will require replacement soon. The experiences have shown, that batteries with advanced system for charge and battery control, could easily keep the battery at 90% of inital capacity even after more than 200 000 km. There could be such cases, that the battery goes wrong, but that is most usually failure of some subsystem or manufacturing defect on the battery itself, which should be fixed on behalf of a reputable manufacturer.

Another good news, are that with nowadays evergrowing EV market, the battery technology is being rapidly developed and we can expect fast improvements in all aspects, namely capacity, size, weight and price.



In many countries, lowest possible rate for insurance is applied on EVs.

The operating costs are therefore overally lower, than costs with reqular combustion car, which use fossil fuels. Some tests of specific vehicles claimed as much as 10 times less overall costs to operate the vehicle. (included fuel, spare parts costs, fluids insurance and service)

Of course, there is still the price of the vehicle it self, which is definitelly higher than similar sized car with combustion engine, but hey, it is new technology, which brings you to fantastic world of e-mobility, offering quite fresh experience (really, try to drive EV at least). For a certain conformation you get great value without noise and exhausts.

dojíždění  na velké vzdálenosti, jedná se ale o novou technologii, která vás uvede do fantastického světa elektromobility, kde vám za mírné přizpůsobení, nabízí velkou přidanou hodnotu nejen bez hluku a výfukových zplodin.



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