The largest offer of high-quality charging cables, portable chargers and charging stations for electric cars.

In our e-shop you will find the largest offer of accessories for electric cars. We focus on quality charging cables with Type 1 (yazaki) and Type 2 (mennekes) connectors. In addition, you will receive a bag as a gift with each charging cable which will help prolong the cable's service life. For those who are often on the road, we also offer smart portable chargers so that they can quickly charge from any socket.

The greatest pride of EV Expert are EV charging stations, which are equipped with a unique system developed in the Czech Republic, thanks to which a low price is maintained with high quality and maximum safety. All EV charging stations have an output of up to 22 kW and are equipped with a smart Web server.

And for the curious who enjoy the topic of electromobility as much as we do, we have prepared sections Basics of electromobility, where we present new trends and clearly explain how things work.



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