EVECUBE / EVEREST warranty conditions

Warranty conditions for EVECUBE / EVEREST AC charging stations

EV Expert guarantees the integrity and basic functionality of all charging stations.

If a service intervention is necessary, please contact the EV Expert technician on +420 777 363 735 or by email: reklamace@evexpert.cz

When contacting by phone, it is necessary to have the S/N located on the side of the charging station available.

Depending on the scope, the service intervention is carried out by sending the charging station to the address:

EV Expert s.r.o., Stupkova 952/18, 779 00 Olomouc, Czech Republic

or by sending defective components for replacement or repair. Defective components can be replaced at a disconnected charging station by an electrician according to the instructions and with a valid certificate.

The 5-year warranty (for a surcharge) covers:

  • on the stainless steel body and covers of charging stations
  • to deep corrosion
  • to the charging control module and the smart charging module (outside the cooling fan)

The 5-year warranty does not cover:

  • to chemical damage
  • to mechanical damage
  • on moving parts (e.g. button, cable holder lock, etc.) and additional charging station equipment
  • for overvoltage protection during its electrical breakdown. current (the replacement does not apply to the given component even with the standard 2-year warranty - in the event of electric current breakdown)
  • to the RFID reader
  • to the display of the charging station and other components entering the operation of the charging station


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