PHOENIX CONTACT charging kit HOME with charging AC power cable Type 2 | 16A | 1phase | 3,7 kW | 5m

PHOENIX CONTACT charging kit HOME with charging AC power cable Type 2 | 16A | 1phase | 3,7 kW | 5m


The starter pack of the HOME charging kit enables an easy assemble of a charging station. It can be used for AC charging of all electric cars with type 2 connector. The set meets all the requirements of the European standard IEC 62196-2 and IEC 61851-1.

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The starter kit of the HOME charging technology is intended for simple assembly of a charging station with a standard charging connector type 2 and charging mode Mode 3, Case B. The package contains only one supported charging point. The AC Basic charging controller unit is already preconfigured.

The set contains sample assembly and installation instructions for electromobility charging stations, including other recommendations. It also contains all the necessary components (as well as a charging contactor and safety devices). 

Installation and commissioning may only be carried out by electricians, who must observe the applicable national regulations!

Technical Specifications

  • AC charging current type (1 phase)
  • Charging power 3.7 kW
  • Charging current 16 A
  • Charging voltage 230 V AC
  • Cable length 5 m
  • 1-channel RCM differential leakage current module

The individual components of the HOME Charging Kit can be found here.

Security and certificates

The starter pack complies with the European specifications IEC 62196-2 and IEC 61851-1 for charging electric vehicles with a Type 2 connector. If required by law, the individual components are CE marked. The charging point is equipped with a protective cover with certified protection at the IP54 level.

The HOME Charging Kit is provided with a standard 24 month warranty.

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