Residual current circuit breaker VDF-32/40/63A 4P RCCB

Residual current circuit breaker VDF-32/40/63A 4P RCCB


VDF-32/40/63 is a kind of circuit breaker with complete update of residual current detection, based on current type A RCBB. It can not only effective protect AC and pulsing DC (B type), the possible compound residual current (F type), but also smoothing DC and high frequency residual current (1K Hz). In a circuit consisting of rectifier, inverter, frequency inverter, etc, the leakage current caused in DC loop circuit can be effectively detected and protected.

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Type B circuit breaker is used in photovoltaic devices, in households, as protection for electric car chargers and for industrial power distribution for special purposes (direct current). When designing and installing electrical installations, electrical loads can generate DC residual current in the event of a fault, a separate electrical circuit must be assigned.

Type B RCD is intended for use in applications with frequency converters, in medical devices, UPS, mobile installations, in elevators and more. Type B RCDs are not intended for use in DC systems and networks with operating frequencies other than 50 or 60 Hz. For type B, conditions are defined for frequencies up to 1 kHz.


Technical Specifications

  • Rated voltages Un: 240V - 1P+N,514V - 3P+N
  • Rated current In: 32A / 40A / 63A
  • Rated residual operate current: I △ n 0.03A,0.1A,0,3A
  • Poles: 1P+N, 3P+N
  • Type of residual current Type B: (AC+A+smoothing DC+F+ high frequency signal 1K Hz)
  • Rated limited short circuit current Inc: 10000A
  • Rated limited short circuit current I △ c: 10000A
  • Rated making and breaking capacity Im: 1000A
  • Rated residual making and breaking capacity I △ m: 1000A
  • Rated insulation voltage Ui: 50V
  • Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp: 4000V
  • Electrical life: 2000 Times
  • Mechanical life: 10000 Times
  • Operated ambient temperature °C: -25~+40
  • Stored ambient temperature °C: -25~+70
  • Tightening torque: 3N.m
  • Connection capacity: 16mm2
  • Pollution level: 2
  • Protection level: IP20
  • Mounting type: II


Industry, medical, EV charger, elevator, etc

Conforms to standard

IEC/EN61008-1, IEC/EN62423 ; certified by CCC, SEMKO, CE

Detection residual current type

AC+A+ smoothing DC +F+ high frequency signal (1K Hz)

Security and certificates

The circuit breaker is designed for mounting on a 35 mm wide mounting rail in accordance with EN 60715. The circuit breaker is IP20 certified for protection against moisture and dust and after installation in an IP40 distribution box.

The circuit breaker is provided with a standard 24-month warranty.

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