How to choose Charging station

How to choose correct charging station

What are the key parameters you should take care about, when you want to buy Charging station for electro cars?

Desired output of charging station, can be determined by the performance of the onboard charger integrated in your car. It is good to look forward and choose the maximum power allowed by your electric supply, because your next car could have stronger onboard charger.

Remember that quality made charging station could last you decades.

The performance of the AC Charger is between 3,7 kW to 22 kW.

Stations with socket or integrated cable?

If you choose station with integrated cable, you can charge only cars, which fit that type of connector. If you change car to one with a different socket, you have to replace also the charging station. Apart from that, drivers of EVs have often friends with electric cars. What a pitty if your friend comes to visit you and cannot utilize your charger for his electro car.

Charging station, which have only socket (always TYPE2), into which you can put cable ended up by either type of connector. This means, that charging station with a socket supports all types of electro cars. You just bring a charging cable fitting to your car, because the charger side is always the same. Such cable is "a must have" in trunk of every EV driver.



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