Webserver is a web-based application that allows remote administration, charging authorization, overview of recent transactions as well as the ability to export them and advanced charging station settings.

Charging station with Webserver


port 1



The webserver shows which port allows charging and it is possible to enable charging remotely.






 port 2 povolené nabíjení

When the electric car is charging, the Webserver shows at what current it is charging, how much energy has been transferred in total and how long the charging has been going on.

The webserver provides a quick overview of the last 15 transactions. It shows the port number, when the charge started, how long it took and how much energy was transferred in total.

správa uživatelů


If necessary, all information can be exported. In the CSV document it is also possible to see how much each user has consumed with the RFID key.

Export transakcí web server

The webserver allows you to manage users and set up administrator accounts.Správa uživatelů


Up to 150 different RFID keys can be registered for easy operation of the charging station when it is used by regular customers.


The settings provide summary information about each charging port.Informace o nabíjecím portu


For advanced management, it is possible to set up the OCPP protocol, which allows connection to the EVE CHARGE payment



Other network settings include connection and WiFi network settings and security.nastavení wifi a zabezpečení

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