Smart features

New generation of charging stations with smart functions suitable for public and commercial operation.

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The only charging station on the market that can match the needs of your electric car and home.

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Load Balancing

It can divide the charging power between two electric cars, thanks to which it is especially suitable for companies with a larger electric vehicle fleet or for public operation.

Web Server

The smart Web server application allows you to have an easy overview of the consumption of individual users, remote authorization and overall statistics and their export.

RFID authorization

RFID chips enable easy identification of individual users and authorization of their access to the charging station.

EVE CHARGE payment gateway support

The EVE CHARGE payment gateway is intended for all public charging station operators, who can use it to set different tariffs for their users. Users only need to retrieve the QR code.

OCPP protocol support

Thanks to the OCPP protocol, charging stations can communicate with all energy suppliers and the operator can choose the most advantageous option.




Network connection

The station creates its own Wi-Fi hotspot, which allows remote control of the charging station using a mobile phone.

  • Independent network

    Independent network

    In this mode, the charger creates a wifi access point, if you connect to this wifi you will get to the control panel of the charger (hotspot).

  • Wi-Fi client

    Wi-Fi client

    The charging station will be connected to your Wi-Fi network. You must fill in the SSID (name of your Wi-Fi network) and password.

  • Ethernet


    Connecting the Ethernet cable to the local network.

Who is a charging station with smart functions suitable for?

The charging station with smart functions will be appreciated by everyone who wants to offer public charging.

  • Restaurants


  • Hotels


  • Shopping malls

    Shopping malls

  • Operators of parking lots and car showrooms

    Operators of parking lots and car showrooms

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Are the mentioned prices final?

All listed prices are always final. The smart functions that are part of the EVECUBE C charging station are paid within the basic price. The only feature that pays monthly is the EVE CHARGE payment gateway.

Customer support

1. Under what circumstances can I make a complaint about a charging station with smart functions?

In the event of defects or defects in the charging stations or their functions, it is necessary to contact our technical support and after agreement and failure to remotely repair the charging station, it is necessary to send the station to our headquarters as part of a complaint.

2. How quickly can I expect a response from customer support if something doesn't work?

EV EXPERT customer support is available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays. In more complicated cases, our technicians can help solve the problem outside of normal business hours. If the problem is urgent, we recommend calling our infoline +420 722 689 252.

3. If I find that a station with smart features is not for me, can I return it?

Before purchasing a charging station, we recommend contacting our technical support and communicating all your requirements to our colleagues. 

Technical Specifications 

What protocols does smart charging stations use?

Our charging stations support OCPP connection protocols. Thanks to the OCPP protocol, charging stations can communicate with all energy suppliers and the operator can choose the most advantageous option.

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