Adapter from Type 2 to Type 1 | 32A | 7,4kW | 0,5 m

Adapter from Type 2 to Type 1 | 32A | 7,4kW | 0,5 m

The adapter is designed for cars with a type 1 connector and provides charging for charging stations that have an integrated cable with a type 2 connector. The adapter is compatible with both private and public charging stations. The adapter is suitable for a maximum of 32A. The length of 0.5 m ensures easy handling.

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Both ends of the adapter are made of high quality thermoplastic, which is resistant to scratches, pressure and shocks. The adapter is 0.5 meters long, which ensures easy handling when connecting and at the same time it is compact enough to be easy to fold which makes it suitable for travel. Emphasis is placed on the non-flammability of the used materials, which successfully minimizes all risks. The ergonomic design of the plug ensures comfortable handling and easy connection to the car. Both sides are equipped with protection against the ingress of water and solid particles with an IP44 certificate.

The adapter should be part of the basic equipment of all cars with a Type 1 connector. Currently, Type 2 connectors predominate in Europe, and thanks to this adapter older types of electric cars will always be able to charge. Proper care of the adapter includes the use of protective caps whenever the adapter is not in use.

Technical Specifications

  • plug type 1 (J1772) (electric car)
  • socket or plug type 2 (mennekes) (charging cable)
  • protection against intrusion of solid foreign bodies with a diameter of 1 mm and larger
  • protection against water splashing from all directions
  • maximum current: 32A
  • maximum power: 7,4kW
  • maximum voltage: 240V
  • cable length: 0.5 m
  • color black with white 

Security and certificates

All adapters are tested to ensure their safety. The protective cover is IP44 certified.

The adapter comes with a standard 24 month warranty.

If you are hesitant about whether this connector is for you, you can search for your car in our database and find the type of its connector there, or you can contact us at any time.

In the basics of electromobility section, you will also find an article on what types of connectors exist and where they are most common.

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