EVECUBE C - 22kw AC charging station (OCPP 1.6 + Smart WebServer + consumption measurement + WiFi)

EVECUBE C - 22kw AC charging station  (OCPP 1.6 + Smart WebServer + consumption measurement + WiFi)

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Our second generation of high-impact, ultra-low-impact (Mode 3) AC charger made of stainless, laser-engraved stainless steel. Charge all EV vehicles from 1.3kW to 22kW and are already integrated into our EVE platform. Download them for remote management and billing of your charging stations, including a payment gateway for online payments to charge directly from your phone. The standard warranty for a charger is 3 years.

1559 € incl. VAT

1288,43 €

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Delivery date: 13. 10. 2020

Producer: EV Expert

Product question

Smart and amazingly compact professional charging station for your home or business. Furnish your space with this very durable and durable design element. Improved safety functions on board, no expensive RCCBs required.

The wallbox connects directly to the EVE.Charge platform, a unique solution for the professional and business use of the station. You need to worry about anything. The wallbox is plug and charge ..

  • Smart WebServer
  • Intelligent Web Application
  • WiFi, hotspot, 4G
  • Low monthly fees for billing and remote administration
  • Direct payments from your customers without registration

OCPP 1.6 - can be connected to the customer's parent system or charging station management platform

An additional "power steering" module can monitor your total in-house power consumption and limit the charging power accordingly so as not to exceed your reserved rated power.

Connection type: Variant with integrated Duosida socket Typ2 socket / input hinged cover.

                          Variant with integrated Phoenix Contact charging cable Type 2 with a length of 5 meters

Easily selectable power via the button: 6A / 10A / 13A / 16A / 20A / 25A / 32A

Maximum power: everything up to 22 kW (according to customer requirements)

RCD-A-EV with DC detection Following new standards on board! (saves considerable installation costs with current security)

Phases: 1 or 3 depending or connected car

Size: 280 x 200 x 120 mm (one of the smallest wallboxes in their category)

The standard warranty for a charger is 3 years. Extended warranty for 5 years, additional 10% of the price of the charger.

We accept orders, processing and delivery time about 2-3 weeks!

Power: 22 kW
Type of connection: Charging socket Type 2 (default) or cable Type 2
Socket Locking: Yes
Communication: Internet (LAN, WiFi, Hotspot feature)
OCPP: Yes, version 1.6
Authorization: Smart WebServer or EVE.Charge platform (payment system)
Charging status: Yes
Energymeter: Yes
Ingress protection rating: IP54
Temperature: from -20 C to +50 C
Dimension (variant without stand): 280 x 200 x 120 mm
Dimension (variant with stand): Box - 280 x 200 x 120 mm, Stand - 1100 x 200 x 120 mm

Hi Andrew, yes for most, we have already...

Daniel, 15. 4. 2020 17:42:40

Hi Andrew, yes for most, we have already customers in Australia. I send you an invitation to LinkedIn to discuss more closer. Kind Regards, Daniel.

Use In Australia

andrew haning, 12. 4. 2020 16:05:52

Hi, I would like to know a few things about your products: 1. Can we use this product in Australia, is it certified electrically for safety compliance? 2. Can this be activated by a credit card reader, NFC/i.e. Paypass. 3. Can it be controlled remotely by an hard contact isolator is is their a smarter was to control it, i.e. via an API? 4. Can it be contacted via Modbus TCP?

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